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Meet Riche's Merchandiser & Fashion Curator, 

Nicole M. Lester

Influencer, Entertainment Industry Advisor and Executive, Nicole Merritt-Lester (Nic), is a revered Business Consultant, Wordsmith and Brand Architect. A successful entrepreneur, she garnered respect in the industry as an owner of, both, a Public Relations and Media and Information Technology Consulting firm, and currently represents a plethora of major corporate and entertainment brands. Nic is a  Florida native, but maintains dual residency in North American hotspots, Los Angeles, CA and Houston, TX and is currently developing communication strategies for various clients.  She enjoys time with her family, reading, writing and following the hottest trends in business, travel, popular culture, and self-help. A fashionista at heart, she is now the curator of Riche’ Boutique, a Luxe Resale and Style Haus.  Experience Her Story...

“Since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamt of making my mark on and influencing the world of Fashion. Naturally, I  am statuesque and was introduced to designer apparel at an early age, due to my height.  I started my career in high-level communications in the political arena and was later commissioned  to co-produce style lounges in Hollywood, assembling Couture and high-fashion collections, parlaying my formal knowledge and exposure into my ultimate venture.  Though design was never my interest, I have always maintained respect for designers and gravitated towards unique styles.  A former model, lover of travel and culture, my palate has been influenced heavily by Asian and European design vernaculars.  Riche’ is the French translation of rich, wealth, opulence, and quality-- all of the terms I apply to living.  With intention, I live richly. With the vision, establishment, and execution of the Riche’ brand, my childhood dream came full-circle-- into reality.  I am grateful for the opportunity to share it with you.  Get Riche'!  Wishing YOU  the Wealth of the Universe in realizing your own dream.” -Nic

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