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Welcome To Riche'!

Riche’ Luxe Resale and Style Haus, sells environmentally- sustainable, high-fashion for a fraction of retail.

Our Good Kept Secret, Has Gotten Better...

Riche’ is a lifestyle concept involving the culmination of consciousness, mindfulness, eco-friendliness, community, and ultimate personal growth. We are information gatherers and distributors whose charge is to substantially enhance the lives of those around us, subsequently our global community abroad, via quality fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands.

Spearheaded by a team of Social Media Marketers and Brand Architects, Riche’ facilitates the implementation of an online sales solution for independent style curators and designers. Riche’ directly supports the generation of sustainable fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands. Riche’ collaborates with fashion curators and sustainability experts to customize women's fashion and specialty items throughout the world, further contributing to the accessibility of quality wear and total care products without excessive production.

Welcome, again. We are here for your guiltless, shopping pleasure. Together we are Riche’! Shop Now.

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